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NZSDTA Stud Registration (Fillable) Form

NZSDTA Dog Transfer (Fillable) Form

The main rules that effect the registration of dogs are:

Please note that if your dog is not registered immediately then your name will appear on the list of unregistered dogs that is to be published! Register your dog today - don't leave it until the last minute!

Stud Register Rule & Clarification 2018

Revised Stud Register Rules
E2 (a): All dogs which have won a Standard Open event, or enter for  an Island or New Zealand Championship must be registered in the  N.Z. Sheep Dog Trial Association Stud Register.
E2 (b): Application for Registration in the N.Z. Sheep Dog Trial  Association Stud Register must be made through the Stud Register  Representative for the Centre of domicile and must be in the hands of  the National Stud Register within 28 days of winning a Standard Open  event. Failure to do so will result in the dog not being allowed to compete in any further Standard Open trials.
E2 (c): No qualified dogs entering a New Zealand or Island  Championship will be eligible to compete without an official Stud Book  Registration or Receipt number.
E2 (d): Registered dogs which have changed ownership must have  the ownership transferred in the N.Z. Sheep Dog Trial Register to be  eligible to compete. 

To clarify how this will operate

Open winners must be fully registered within 28 days of winning an Open to be  able to compete further. 
Qualified dogs being entered in Island or New Zealand Championships can enter using a receipt number issued by their respective Centre Rep. But must be fully  registered to compete at the Championship entered. 
Late entries will be permitted to compete with valid receipt numbers.
Receipt numbers for Championships will not be issued until the point that it is  no longer possible to have the dog fully registered in time for the close of  entries. This should really only apply to dogs qualifying later in the season.
Receipt numbers will only become valid when the issuing Centre Rep receives  the filled out registration form and fee.
Contact your Centre Stud Register Representative to transfer registered dogs that  you have sold or purchased. There is no fee for transferring dogs.
There is going to be zero tolerance. We feel that 28 days is plenty of time to find out how your dog is bred if you don’t already know and to get the form and fee sent to your Centre Rep.

A request from Stud Register personnel

If you are planning on going to a Championship please register dogs as soon as  they qualify to spread the registration workload. If you have a dog on point of  qualifying or that you consider good enough to qualify; register it in advance  too. It won’t put a hex on the dog and the fee is not exorbitant.
When entering a registered dog for a Championship you must use the dogs  registered name e.g. If the dog is registered as Laddie don't enter him as Lad or  if the dog has been given a suffix use that e.g. Sam II rather than just Sam.

Please remember that some mail services are slow. It is up to you to ring your Centre Rep and make sure that they have received your register application;  particularly close to Championship time.

Registration Fee = $15 

No qualified dogs entering a New Zealand or Island championship will be eligible to compete without an official stud book registration number. With the exception of late qualified dogs may use an official receipt number if time does not permit receiving a registration number.

NOTE: Decided by the Register meeting at the 2002 Championship held at Cromwell:
Call names only may be used when registering dogs in the NZSDTA Stud Register.
The only exception being when a name is being repeated by an owner in which case a numeric suffix may be added.


NZSDTA Stud Books 

Stud books are printed annually, containing the new registrations from that particular season and any transfers. The books are set out in alphabetical order of owners and it contains a very good indexing system allowing you to find other progeny of a dog or bitch and any other referencing that you want to do.
In the registrations area, on any page you will see 8 x 4 generation pedigrees.
Great for building general knowledge of breeding.

2023 Edition Available Now

Obtainable from your Centre Stud Register Representative.
$15 each for the 3 most recent publications, earlier books $10 each and are available back to 1999.



SheepDog is a “Windows’ based program available on USB stick with a database containing the contents of all Stud books published since inception.
It has powerful search facilities initiated from a search of the name of the owner of the dog and from which three main reports can be generated:
Pedigree Report; Search for the owner, pick the dog you want to see, press OK and there it is. You can select to see up to seven generations.
Owners Report; Select the owner that you want to look at (there will possibly be several options which you may include), press print and there will be all of the dogs under that person/s name and/or their various addresses.
Progeny Report; As for Pedigree Reports; search for the owner, pick the dog you want to see, press OK and a list will appear of all of the progeny of that dog which are included in the SheepDog Database.
You are also able to ‘breed’ your own pups and edit your own unregistered dogs. These dogs become part of your list of dogs held and accessible on your own computer.
The Database is periodically updated via email throughout the year.
Available Now - $250 + GST
Contact Cath Bendall – National Stud Registrar
Phone 027 637 5147 or email:

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